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Taneez - The Journey

Taneez was born in 2000, as the brainchild of Zeenat Saeed Ahmed, and produced mainly silver plated home accessories.

Soon after, it turned into a success story after having gained a major portion of the giftware business, both corporate and personal.

Its achievement was to forecast the new trends in the gift business, and take a centuries old craft and contemporise the look to fit into present day lifestyles.

Then came the pure sterling siver collection of home and personal accessories. This is now in its infancy as we are constantly evolving new ideas and styles in our designs, and as quality is an issue, we have to be competitive in the world market. Some of it is embellished with semi-precious stones, in unusual shapes.

Taneez now has five outlets in Pakistan, two in Karachi, two in Lahore, and one in Islamabad. Since the shops are decorated very beautifully, customers have even ordered the furniture and fittings, and that has sent us into a new realm. We now produce wood and metal furniture. mirrors and frames and hope to enter and improve on prevailing designs which seem to be stuck in a well-worn groove.

All products are designed by Zeenat and produced by seasoned craftsmen. And, after the success in the local market, we hope to export our products, as the reviews and compliments we receive from local and foreign buyers has encouraged us to seek yet another height by going worldwide. All our crafts are stamped “Taneez Pakistan” and this will help in showcasing our products abroad.

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