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Press Coverage

All That Glitters is Silver

Humsafar (Pakistan)
November, 2001

"You walk into Taneez and instantly but pleasantly are blinded by the opulent glitter of silver. An array of vases, bowls, candle stands, trays, planters, ice buckets, wine chillers, photo frames, salt and pepper shakers, urns, champagne flutes, fruit bowls, water goblets, jewel boxes, dip dishes, duck bottle openers, match boxes, ashtrays, serviette holders with semi-precious stones - to name just a few of the several items. The household range is very impressive. I even saw joss stick holders and bookmarks in silver! However, the silver money clip lying on a tiny black velvet cushion was a great idea, as one never knows quite what to buy for a man.

As eyes adjust to light, one is bowled over by the sheer scale of design and creativity. An attractive pencil holder with what looks like an agate; a semi-precious stone artistically embedded in the metal. A delicate soap tray with floral soaps nestling on it; you look further and admire the orchids frothing out of an exquisite planter - it's the silver planter that's for sale - the orchids, like the floral soaps are there simply to indicate the usage of the item."

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