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Silver Plated Decorative Accessories

Taneez has given a new lease of life to a dying craft and produces high quality decorative objects for use and display. The base metal is dipped in to real silver and then coated with lacquer to prevent oxidation. The fact that one does not need to polish, simply wipe over with a damp cloth, saves hours of unnecessary labour in a world where, “Time is of the essence.”

You may click each image to view a larger sample.


TZ-127   |   (WxH)(cm): 24x46
TZ-124   |   (WxH)(cm):21x36
TZ-126   |   (WxH)(cm):26x19
TZ-125   |   (WxH)(cm):15x23

Bowls and Vases

TZ-331   |   (WxH)(cm):11x23
TZ-332   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-333   |   (WxH)(cm):26x12
TZ-334    |   (WxH)(cm):


TZ-197    |   (WxH)(cm):16x11
Did you know that Taneez's silver plated products are 100% hand crafted by artisans with decades of experience?


TZ-226-B    |   (WxH)(cm): 16x21
TZ-194    |   (WxH)(cm):16x14

Picture Frames

TZ-168   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-169-B   |   (WxH)(cm):32x27
TZ-169-A   |   (WxH)(cm):19x19
TZ/167   |   (WxH)(cm):11x11

Trinket Boxes

TZ-157-B   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-160   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-162   |   (WxH)(cm):15x15
TZ-159   |   (WxH)(cm):15x5

Tabletop Accessories

TZ-233-A    |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-210    |   (WxH)(cm):
Taneez has a gift for just about every occasion. Whether it be a wedding, a birthday, or a house warming party, you'll be sure to find something here.


TZ-214    |   (WxH)(cm):10x10


TZ-140   |   (WxH)(cm):21x9
TZ-149   |   (WxH)(cm):18x15
TZ-141   |   (WxH)(cm):22x16
TZ-142   |   (WxH)(cm):16x14


TZ-185-A   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-186-B   |   (WxH)(cm):19x16
TZ-188   |   (WxH)(cm)11x5:
TZ-190   |   (WxH)(cm):13x13


TZ-321   |   (WxH)(cm):21x33
TZ-193   |   (WxH)(cm):17x31
TZ-180   |   (WxH)(cm):15x30
TZ-191-B   |   (WxH)(cm):16x27

Desk Accessories

TZ-229    |   (WxH)(cm):12x10
TZ-223-B    |   (WxH)(cm):11x7
TZ-225   |   (WxH)(cm):10x3


TZ-335    |   (WxH)(cm):42x60
TZ-336    |   (WxH)(cm):46x61


TZ-337   |   (WxH)(cm): 8x8
TZ-338   |   (WxH)(cm): 8x8
TZ-339   |   (WxH)(cm): 8x8
TZ-340   |   (WxH)(cm): 8x8

Decorative Dishes

TZ-341   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-222   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-217   |   (WxH)(cm):

Decorative Dishes

TZ-157A   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-342   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-343   |   (WxH)(cm):

Decorative Dishes

TZ-344   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-186A   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-345   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-152   |   (WxH)(cm):

Decorative Dishes

TZ-346   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-347   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-348   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-349   |   (WxH)(cm):

Decorative Dishes

TZ-181   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-350   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-351   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-352   |   (WxH)(cm):

Decorative Dishes

TZ-254   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-353   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-147   |   (WxH)(cm):
TZ-311   |   (WxH)(cm):
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