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Sterling Silver Decorative Accessories

Below is a just a small sample from our catalog of sterling silver home and personal accessories.

You may click each image to view a larger sample.


Yellow Topaz Napkin Rings

TS-501   |   (WxH)(cm):

Baby's Rattle

TS-502   |   (WxH)(cm): 6x14

Shell Pill Box

TS-503   |   (WxH)(cm):

Child's Spoon & Fork

TS-504   |   (WxH)(cm): 3x14


Yellow Topaz Card Holder

TS-505   |   (WxH)(cm): 10x6
Sterling silver is the standard for our beautiful high-quality silver products. It is 92.5% pure silver, mixed with alloys to add strength and durability.


Salt & Pepper Shakers

TS-506   |   (WxH)(cm): 3x6

Chalcedony Bookmark

TS-507   |   (WxH)(cm):


Tourmaline Finger Bowl & Plate

TS-508  |   (WxH)(cm): 11x11 (b)
TS-508  |   (WxH)(cm): 21x21 (pl)

Camel Salt & Pepper Holders

TS-509   |   (WxH)(cm): 8x4

Finger Bowl & Plate

TS-510   |   (WxH)(cm):

Tea/Coffee Set

TS-511   |   (WxH)(cm):


Tourmaline Dish

TS-512   |   (WxH)(cm): 9x3

Tourmaline Dish

TS-513   |   (WxH)(cm): 9x3
Did you know that Taneez's sterling silver products are 100% hand crafted by artisans with decades of experience?


Quartz Dish

TS-514   |   (WxH)(cm): 9x3



TS-515   |   (WxH)(cm): 4x2

Tea Set for One

TS-516  |   (WxH)(cm): 6x3 (l)
TS-508  |   (WxH)(cm): 4x2½ (s)

Cut Work Oval Bowl

TS-517   |   (WxH)(cm): 14x4½

Amethyst Ginger Jar

TS-518   |   (WxH)(cm):


Engraved Bowl

TS-519   |   (WxH)(cm): 4½x2

Cut Work Bowl

TS-520   |   (WxH)(cm): 5x1½

Cut Work Bowl

TS-521   |   (WxH)(cm):
Care should always be taken to prevent silver tarnish build-up, a dulling that naturally occurs when silver reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the ambient air. To clean your silver, use polishes formulated specifically to remove tarnish.



Engraved Bowl

TS-522   |   (WxH)(cm):

Shariq Bowl

TS-526   |   (WxH)(cm):

Octagonal Cutwork Bowl

TS-523   |   (WxH)(cm):

Decorative Leaf

TS-524   |   (WxH)(cm): 7x½


Engraved Bowl

TS-525   |   (WxH)(cm):

Salad Servers

TS-533   |   (WxH)(cm):

Bunch of Grapes

TS-527   |   (WxH)(cm):

Paan Daan

TS-528   |   (WxH)(cm):


Need Info

TS-534   |   (WxH)(cm):

Round Lapis Box

TS-535   |   (WxH)(cm): 9x4

Square Lapis Box

TS-536   |   (WxH)(cm): 14x8


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